Workers Compensation was not my first choice as an area of law to practice.

My professional development and background began in 1974 with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, in business administration with a concentration in finance.  Upon graduation from the Detroit College of Law in 1977, my focus was going to be in the field of corporate and tax law.  While commencing my legal career as a corporate attorney, I was enrolled in the post-graduate law program in taxation.

I thought I was doing everything that I was meant to do.  I was "wrong".

I realized very quickly, in my corporate legal career, there was very little honesty, integrity or sense of human purpose in the corporate world.

I left the corporate practice in 1980 when joined the law firm of Stalburg, Fischer, Weberman & Verros, P.C.

Much to my satisfaction, I now was able to seek justice for individuals in the field of workers compensation who had been victimized.  Being able to maximize the benefits, awards and settlements for my clients became my passion and dream come true.

For over thirty years, I have represented thousands of individuals, hurt by injury or disease at the workplace. This became was my mission, goal and positive force in my life.  My experience helps my clients and I succeed in obtaining the results they deserve.

My background in worker’s compensation has resulted in the committee that recommends attorneys to the governor for the State of Michigan to be appointed as magistrates (judges in worker’s compensation), to place my name for such an honor and position.

My background was also the result of my heritage. My grandfather was an attorney and circuit judge in Greece.  My father was admitted to law school, but it was interrupted by the invasion of Greece by the Nazis. He never could return to his dream of becoming an attorney, until I passed the bar examination and was admitted to practice here in Michigan and in Federal Court in 1977.

Finally, even a greater achievement has been to be married to my wife, Dianne for over thirty years and to have two beautiful daughters. The dreams continue

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